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Dentures in Towson, MD

Losing several teeth can have a big impact on your daily activities, including speaking and chewing. If you’re ready to improve your smile and self-confidence, our affordable quality dentures are an excellent solution.

What Happens When You Get Dentures?

The process of obtaining new dentures in Towson involves multiple steps; however, the benefits of a dental appliance can make the time commitment worth it. To begin the denture process, your dentist may wish to take impressions of your mouth that will be used as a template for the denture. Then, all teeth will be extracted if you’re receiving a full denture. Those who have chosen an implant-supported device will have their implants placed before their permanent denture arrives. Your dentist will provide a temporary appliance for you to wear after any preliminary treatment. After your mouth has successfully recovered, your permanent dentures will be placed and adjusted.

What Denture Choices Are Available?

At our practice, we offer several options for affordable quality dentures. Get in touch with us to find out more about the following options:

Full or Partial Dentures

With a full denture, you can replace each missing tooth in the upper or lower jaw. If there are any remaining teeth in the area, they will need to be extracted before the full denture is placed. These durable appliances are created using porcelain, acrylic, metal, and other materials. They can be permanent or removable depending on your needs.
When you have most of your teeth remaining, a partial denture can help you replace one or more missing teeth. These appliances are affixed to surrounding teeth using a clasp system and perform similarly to a bridge. Like a removable full denture, you can remove the partial for nightly cleanings.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Created using comfortable, pliable materials, a flexible partial is a discreet way to replace several teeth. They use gum-colored clasps, allowing you to wear the denture with confidence. If you’re looking for a virtually invisible way to replace missing teeth, ask about our flexible partials.

Implant-Supported Denture

Implant-supported dentures offer a secure and convenient way to replace full rows of missing teeth. With this denture method, two to four implants are placed into the jaw. These implants are used to hold the appliance in place. This type of denture works well for the lower jaw, though it can also be used as an upper denture.

How Much Will a Set of Dentures Cost?

Many people have concerns about financial matters when receiving new dentures in Towson. Typically, the total cost is determined by what variety of denture is chosen, any necessary preparatory treatments, and the materials used to make the dentures. Our dentists will devise a treatment plan that suits your smile and budget. Call us now to get started.

What Problems Should Dentures Correct?

Our dentures are a highly effective treatment for missing teeth. Customized to perfectly fit your mouth, these devices consist of a row of pontic teeth affixed to a titanium frame or implants in the jaw. When you wear a denture, you can greatly improve your speech, jaw function, and overall appearance.

Will a Soft Denture Reline Make Dentures More Comfortable?

Sore spots are a common problem among denture wearers. Fortunately, a soft reline for dentures can help alleviate discomfort. During this simple procedure, the dentist uses a soft, flexible material to resurface the underside of the appliance. The material typically stays pliable for up to two years.

How Do All-on-Four Dentures Function?

The All-on-Four denture technique offers patients a permanent and convenient solution for getting dentures. During this unique procedure, the dentist uses four implants in the lower jaw to attach a full set of teeth. This creates a stable hold and maximum biting power. Please call us today to learn more about this innovative treatment option.

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The staff was very kind. The hygenist took her time and knew what she was doing. The dentist was so friendly and really skillful. It’s obvious he loves his job. Great environment
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As soon as you walk in the office, Ms.Rosa and Ms.Sharonda give you a ” warm ” welcome and smiles! Then there comes the same greeting, as Ms. Carrie calls your name and escorts you to see Dr. […]
Karen N.
Good people that know their jobs.
Kelvin L.
Had an emergency evaluation from Dr. Windsor for a tooth which eventually required a root canal. He accepted me as a new patient and saw me promptly. My experience with Dr. Windsor and the […]
Michael M.
Great service for a lifetime! Been coming here for over 20 years and the staff is lovely, friendly and professional!
Joan C.
Great dentist! I got my very first filling ever today (at age 31!) and it was quick and painless. I definitely recommend this office.
Rachel M.
Everyone was so caring and kind. I haven’t found a dentist like this in 20 years. I’m so glad we found them.
Katy L.
They do great work and are delightful people to be around.
Frederic B.
Great staff the kids love coming for visits!
Sherna' B.
Efficient and high quality care. Staff is great.
Marilyn P.
The staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Windsor and his assistant made me feel very comfortable as it was my first visit.
Carla B.
Excellent dentist and assistant. Appointment was on time. Very competent billing.
Mark C.
Just had my teeth cleaned and X-rays and had a very nice experience. Every staff member was very friendly and treated me good. They were gentle and professional and precise. I brought my kids a […]
Matt H.
Everyone is friendly-the front office staff to the dentist. Very approachable and answers your questions. I took my 2 yo daughter there and they did a wonderful job. I would highly recommend this […]
Whitney B.
The entire office staff is warm and welcoming. Dr. Windsor & his assistant Carrie work extremely well together to make sure patient’s are comfortable and satisfied. This is the first office i […]
Charity F.
So nice and none judgemental or critical like other offices I have been too.
Emily L.
I’ve been going here for 20 years. I like Dr. Windsor and his staff!
Ellen L.
Excellent staff. This is the best dentist office I’ve been to, especially in the Baltimore area. I’ve never waited more than 2 minutes for my appointment, everyone is very friendly, and although […]
Tony M.
Just an awesome staff and very good care of patients.
Latrice B.
I’ve been visiting Dr. Windsor and his staff for 4 years! Everyone is always very pleasant, cordial, professional, and down to earth! This review should include 10 stars! I highly recommend dental […]
Sheila T.
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